Artist's Statement

My photography is about the people and places in this world that exist quietly and can go unnoticed. These are subjects that are filled with beauty,humor and intrigue. I give the viewer a new way to look at the world, a new way to see the everyday. I use my visual talents in photography to entertain,enlighten and uplift. 

My project is photographing the Italian Life and the American Life,in these I show simple vignettes of everyday scenes in two very distinct locales. It's a way of illustrating the different worlds that I come from,a mother from the midwest and an Italian immigrant father. These photos are from worlds that I feel equally at home in and love very much. It's my desire to take the viewer with me to interesting places here in the US and to my roots on the other side of the world. Another aspect of this work is to show common themes that run through all of our lives,no matter our birthplace or address. My passion that is the "Italian/American Life" is to unify people in this highly divisive world,to bring people together through the power of imagery. Too often, time and energy is spent judging,categorizing and separating people from different walks of life,my role as an artistic communicator is tear down walls that keep us apart,to illustrate the common themes we all must face in this life.